About Us

Beyond Software Solutions was formed in 2011 by Pat Grady, Principal Consultant/Developer after 20 years with local government. During his career, Mr. Grady served in a senior management capacity which included positions such as Director of Information Technology and Assistant General Manager of an Orange County, California based water agency.

Some of the projects that Mr. Grady implemented during his career included the following:

• Water agency utility billing software
• Financial systems conversion & implementation
• Electronic storage & retrieval software
• Agenda automation and publishing software
• Automated vehicle location software
• Geographical Information Systems (GIS) conversion and implementation
• Computer Maintenance & Management (CMMS) system
• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software
• Web site and local Intranet development and implementation

After many years of managing and implementing IT related projects, Mr. Grady realized there was a need to improve collaboration and sharing of financial and operational data among users along with a need for third party software applications to communicate with each other. Existing tools within the market to accomplish this are often very costly and burdensome to implement and administer. Utilizing standard Microsoft development software, Mr. Grady sought to fill this gap by forming Beyond Software Solutions offering consulting and software development services at an affordable cost.

For additional information, please contact Pat Grady at pgrady@beyondsoftwaresolutions.com or (760) 820-4942.