Beyond Agendas

Beyond Agendas v1.0 is a web based, cost effective solution to completely automate the agenda preparation and publishing process for local government, municipalities and special districts. We at Beyond Software Solutions have a good understanding of the challenges that face local agencies when preparing agendas and agenda packets. The Beyond Agendas system reduces and streamlines the complete process from beginning to end.

While Beyond Agendas contains many features, some of the highlights include the following:

• Completely paperless with printing ability as needed.
• Word documents and templates utilized for agendas, memorandums and minutes.
• Built-in workflow for agenda item approvals.
• Built-in user security.
• Email notifications for agenda items requiring approval.
• PDF generation of agendas, memorandums and minutes.
• External publishing of all meetings in list and calendar form.
• Utility for importing past meetings into Beyond Agendas
• Unlimited users.
• Unlimited meetings and meeting types.
• Web based and compatible with all standard web browsers.
• Tablet compatibility.

A Typical Process
The Beyond Agendas software is designed to accommodate a standard agenda preparation process. For example, the following steps are outlined to demonstrate how the software will be utilized with each step from beginning to completion and publishing of the agenda.

1. The Agenda Preparer creates a meeting within the system. (Meeting type, date, time, and location are defined)
2. After a meeting is created, a user logs into the system and create a new agenda item for that particular meeting.
3. The agenda item is created by selecting basic information, i.e. Meeting Type (Regular Meeting, Workshop Meeting, etc.), Agenda Section (Action Items, Discussion Items, etc.), Subject and Subject Description.
4. A Word document, pre-populated with basic memorandum fields, may be opened and completed by the user.
5. The user may also attach supporting PDF documents to this item. There is no limit on the number of attachments that can be included.
6. Once the user completes the memorandum, the item may be saved and/or submitted into workflow.
7. Once the item is submitted, it goes into the workflow system and the next approver receives an email that an item is waiting for their approval.
8. The approver can reject the item with a comment or approve it.
9. Once all items are approved, the Agenda Preparer can organize, modify or delete items and begin the assembly process.
10. Once the items are organized and finalized, a click of the button creates the agenda and minutes template.
11. A second button combines all of the documents, i.e. agenda, memos, and attachments into one PDF file.
12. The agenda along with its contents are published and become visible to the public on the agency’s web site. The contents are published where one item at a time can be viewed or the complete agenda packet can be downloaded.
13. Once the minutes are completed and approved by the governing body, this document can simply be published and viewed by the public.

System Requirements
SQL Server 2005, 2008 or 2012 (compatible with hosted solutions)
Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010
Internet Information Systems 6.0, 7.0 or 7.5
.Net Framework 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5


Software License $4,995 (unlimited users)
Annual Maintenance & Support (20%) $999
Installation, Configuration and Training To be quoted

For an online demo, please contact Pat Grady at (760) 820-4942 or email

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