Beyond Time Sheets

Beyond Time Sheets is a web-based software solution to automate the time entry process for organizations. Currently compatible with MS Great Plains accounting system, Beyond Time Sheets can easily accommodate other payroll accounting systems that have the ability to import time entry information in a text file format.

Currently the software accommodates various payroll work schedules including a normal 80 hour pay-period, a 4/10 work schedule and a 9/80 work schedule. Unlike other time entry systems, Beyond Time Sheets handles the 9/80 work schedule by properly splitting the period ending day into AM and PM, thus ensuring the PM hours are applied to the following pay period.

Beyond’s time entry system tracks employee leave requests, overtime requests and bi-weekly time sheets. The Home page displays an attractive calendar which displays employee’s pending and approved time-off requests for the entire organization or by department/sub-department.

For organizations seeking a cost-effective, paperless solution for time entry, the Beyond Time Sheets system meets this goal. Additionally, the software provides the ability to generate paper time sheets and a variety of reports.

• Web based and tablet compatible
• Accommodates 80 hour, 4/10 and 9/80 work schedules
• Completely paperless with printing ability as needed
• Built-in user security
• Unique approvals and workflows for leave/overtime requests and time sheets
• Email notifications for each workflow process
• Accrual real-time visibility for employees
• Reminder email functionality when items require action by a supervisor
• Calendar display of employee pending and approved time-off
• Unique pay codes setup for leave/overtime requests and time sheets
• Variety of reports for time sheets and leave/overtime requests
• Built on .NET platform – No requirement for SharePoint

System Requirements
SQL Server 2008 R2 or newer (compatible with hosted solutions)
Internet Information Systems 6.0, 7.0 or 7.5
.Net Framework 4.0 or newer

For a Live Demo and opportunity to test the software, please click here for the instructions and then here to run the demo.

For an online demo, please contact Pat Grady at (760) 820-4942 or email


Software License $4,995 (unlimited users)
Annual Maintenance & Support (20%) $999
Interface with payroll system Incl
Installation, Configuration and Training To be quoted
Screen Shots

Calendar View

Entry Window

Employee Home Page

Time Sheet Administration Page